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Credentials and Clerkships

Douglas J. Nill, LLC., 1990 - Present
  • Doug Nill is a trial lawyer primarily engaged in complex civil litigation. Nill is licensed to practice law in Minnesota but associates with experienced lawyers throughout the United States to help people across the country.

  • Lead counsel in a consumer fraud class action on behalf of United States farmers resulting in favorable published federal and state court opinions, a successful December 6, 2001 jury verdict, and entry of a $52 million dollar judgment for farmers on April 2, 2002. Peterson v. BASF Corp., 618 N.W.2d 821 (Minn. App. 2000), rev. denied (Minn. 2001) (affirming national class certification under New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act and remanding for trial to determine whether BASF's herbicide marketing and pricing schemes deceived farmers and wrongfully exploited the federal EPA and state herbicide registration process).

  • Counsel in a class action on behalf of Minnesota farmers alleging harm through suppressed market prices, when genetically modified corn intended only for livestock consumption contaminated corn for human consumption. Ponto v. Aventis Crop Science USA Holding, Inc., U.S. Dist. Ct., E.D. Illinois (MDL Docket No. 1403) (May 11, 2001).

  • Counsel in a class action on behalf of North Dakota consumers alleging unlawful agreements to delay entry of low cost generic drugs. Hannu v. Schering-Plough Corp., U.S. Dist. Ct., D.N.D. (June 15, 2001).

Judicial Clerk, 1989-90
Honorable Donald E. O'Brien, Chief Judge, United States District Court for the Northern District of Iowa and Judge, United States District Court for the Southern District of Iowa

Judicial Clerk, 1988-89
Honorable Gary J. Meyer and the Honorable Dale E. Mossey, Judges in the Tenth Judicial District of Minnesota

  • One of six lawyers invited to speak at a Complex Litigation in Agricultural Markets conference in Austin, TX, November 15-16, 2002. The conference was for trial lawyers engaged in antitrust, agricultural law or business practices litigation involving agriculture.

  • Recognized by the Organization for Competitive Markets as "one of the nation's best attorneys" representing farmers in complex business litigation.

  • Recognized by several magazines - Minnesota Law & Politics, MPLS.ST.PAUL, and Twin Cities Business Monthly - as a Minnesota "Super Lawyer" (top 4.3% of Minnesota attorneys) as the result of a survey of Minnesota lawyers asked to name exceptional lawyers in the state.

Doug's Background

  • Top: C.J. Williams, Law Clerk, University of Iowa Law School, ‘88 - Honorable Chief U.S. District Court Judge Donald E. O’Brien, Northern District of Iowa - Doug Nill, Law Clerk, Hamline University School of Law, ‘88 - Nick Drees, Law Clerk, Harvard Law School, ’89

  • Bottom: Honorable Dale E. Mossey, Minnesota’s 10th Judicial District - Doug Nill, Law Clerk - Honorable Gary J. Meyer, Minnesota’s 10th Judicial District.

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